Hi, I'm Yuki Nishijima

I'm a Ruby maintainer, Ruby on Rails contributor, maintainer of the kaminari gem, the creator of the did_you_mean gem. Right now, I work for Artsy in New York, NY. Prior to Artsy, I worked for Pivotal (IPO in 2018) as an agile consultant and Penguin Deigital (acquired by Shutterfly in 2012).

I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to New York, NY in 2013 to work for Pivotal and have been here since then. Before moving to New York, I also lived in Manila, The philippines, and Kyoto, Japan.

You can find me on Twitter and Github. Or write an email.

Open source contributor

I've contributed to a number of OSS projets, most notably:

Public speaker

I occasionally give talks about Ruby. So far I've spoken at the following conferences:

  • Rubyconf Philippines 2015 (Boracay, The Philippines)
  • RedDotRubyConf 2015 (Singapore)
  • RubyKaigi 2015 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • RedDotRubyConf 2016 (Singapore)
  • RubyKaigi 2017 (Hiroshima, Japan)
  • Osaka RubyKaigi 2018 (Osaka, Japan)


I co-authored two books that are published in Japan: